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Child resistant packaging that meets regulatory standards

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What is Mobile Contract Packaging?

We Bring Consumer Grade Packaging to You

420 Packaging Services bridges the gap between your need to package your product into high quality, regulatory compliant branded packaging, and the prohibitive costs of buying, installing and maintaining your own packaging line.

We bring the equipment and technicians to your licensed facility and place your product into food or pharmaceutical grade packaging, without all the hassles and added cost of transportation and chain of custody.

You end up with finished, branded product ready to ship to your distributors, retailers or direct to consumer.


Packaging in Action

Blister packaging is just one way we do it and we can accommodate a wide variety of product:

  • Seed
  • Gummies and Edibles
  • Waxes
  • Hand Rolls

We offer a variety of pre-configured blister cards and cavities, and can create customized blister cards regardless of shape, size or volume.


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