Safety and Regulatory Compliance


Child Resistant (CR) Packaging

While Child Resistance is the rule of law, there are a lot of products on the market that are in suspect packaging (and some not compliant at all).  Regulatory enforcement is ONLY going to increase and become more strident.  Don't risk your license, your reputation, or worse by taking chances.

Avoid the Nightmare Scenario

Imagine what will happen to your brand and enterprise if a child is found to have ingested your product due to faulty packaging.  Enough said.

Types of CR Packaging

In the pharmaceutical industry, the two primary methods of CR compliance are jars and bottles with child resistant tops, and blister packaging.  We can package in either, but can also offer CR compliant packaging for other carriers such as vapes, gels, tinctures, and more.

Not all "CR" Packaging Really is CR

A lot of producers are using hand-sealed blister packaging but most of these are a far cry from true CR.  Unless your blister packages are of the "peel and punch" variety, you're falling short.

Likewise, with other vessels.  They may seem to have CR characteristics, but don't really make the grade.  We use only  CR compliant packaging as defined by the pharmaceutical industry in the US.

Convenience Packaging

Beyond CR compliance, we can also create convenience packaging.  What is that?  It's the top of packaging that's meant customer convenience--this can be small quantity or even single use packages of your product.